Nobody Bats a Thousand

"Nobody Bats a Thousand" draws you in just with the title and has great characters ! Wonderful to find a book with truly interesting short stories!

Revised for Kindle, Nobody Bats a Thousand is a book of stories based on reality. The opening story, “A Bar Story”, showing a typical Friday night seen through the eyes of a middle-aged bartender, deals with conflicts that arise from changing times and generations. In “Home on the Range” a college student becomes reacquainted with his uncle, a famous touring musician, who teaches his nephew to look at life from a novel perspective. “Victims of Circumstance” centers on a young slacker and the 24 hours surrounding his 21st birthday in which he stumbles upon epiphanies about life, sex and his Vietnam veteran father. This book of literary fiction contains eight finely crafted stories about ordinary people involved in unique situations, presented in a style reminiscent of Raymond Carver, Richard Ford and David Sedaris.

Janes Hospital Gowns

The standard hospital gowns patients are often required to wear are a perennial favorite of comedic sketches and cartoons. Hospital gowns have a reputation for being cold, awkward and all too revealing. A new product hopes to combat the embarrassment and discomfort of wearing a hospital gown by offering patients their own option they can bring from home.

Janes™ offer medical patients a dignified, empowering wellness examination gown, offering warmth, coverage and security. Many patients do not know that they are fully entitled to bring their own hospital gown to a doctor’s office or hospital. By buying her own Janes gown, a woman can have peace of mind at each doctor’s visit.

Whether for doctors’ appointments, outpatient procedures, hospital stays, or during recovery, Janes wellness gowns are an attractive alternative to the traditional, paper thin “hospital Johnny.” Too often, medical professionals overlook the impact of vulnerability on patient confidence and self advocacy; Janes’ warm, lightweight, knit fabric and wrap closure provide total comfort and minimize exposure, allowing patients to relax and focus on treatment. Designed to withstand frequent washings, Janes are extremely durable. All Janes gowns come with a cinch bag that makes transport simple and convenient.

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“My passion today is to get the word out to women everywhere that women have the right to comfort while having mammograms, doctor appointments, in treatment or home recovering,” said Sharon Linder, owner and founder of Janes. “It is okay to bring your own gown. For your next appointment, bring your own Jane. You won’t regret it.” Linder created Janes out of necessity. During frequent testing for breast cancer due to a family history of the disease, Linder found herself time and again sitting endlessly in illfitting, uncomfortable gowns. “Supportive staff and beautifully appointed waiting rooms paled as soon as I was asked to change and given a standard issue hospital gown,” she said. She felt strongly that during stressful testing and medical exams, women should have the right to be comfortable and dignified. So over the course of 18 months, she interviewed medical professionals, networked and gathered the ideas that formed the basis of the Jane design. As a way to give back to the community, 2 percent of the profits from every Jane sold help fund free mammograms for underserved women.

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